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Ổ cứng công nghiệp INNODISK SATADOM-ML 3TG6-P

Ổ cứng công nghiệp INNODISK SATADOM-ML 3TG6-P

  • Hiệu suất ngẫu nhiên tuyệt vời
  • Được thiết kế với công cụ LDPC ECC phần cứng
  • Nguồn điện Pin 8 tích hợp
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Mô tả

Ổ cứng công nghiệp INNODISK



Innodisk Serial ATA Disk on Module (SATADOM) supports SATA III standard (6.0Gb/s) interface with excellent performance, and SATADOM-ML 3TG6-P is designed as the smallest form factor size that could enhance compatibility with various design applications.

The innovative Pin8 uses the SATA connector itself as a power supply to drive the device without external cables. It could be connected directly to the SATA on-board socket on customers’ system without additional power cable. Besides, the booting time for operation and the power consumption is less than hard disk drive (HDD), and can work under harsh environment compile with ATA protocol, no additional drives are required, and the SSD can be configured as a boot device or data storage device.

Product Features

SATADOM-ML 3TG6-P do cong ty Quyet Thang phan phoi tai Viet Nam. Lien he chung toi de biet them chi tiet
  • Built-in Pin 8 power supply
  • Best boot drive solution for server and embedded system
  • SATA 6Gb/s interface
  • High IOPS to reduce boot up timing
  • End to End data path protection
  • Anti-vibration mechanical design
  • Built in iData Guard
  • Hardware write protection supported


Model Name SATADOM-ML 3TG6-P
Interface SATA III 6.0 Gb/s
Flash Type 3D TLC
Type Vertical
Capacity 128GB~256GB
Sequential R/W (MB/sec, max.) 560/90
Max. Power Consumption 2.14W (5V x 428mA )
Max. Channels 4
Thermal Sensor Y
H/W Write Protect Y
Pin 7 Power Y
Pin 8 Power Y
S.M.A.R.T. Y
ATA Security Y
Dimension (WxLxH/mm) 37.17 x 31.5 x 10.2
Vibration [email protected]~2000Hz
Shock [email protected]
MTBF >3 million hours
Storage Temperature -55°C ~ +95°C
Operation Temperature Standard Grade: 0°C ~ +70°C;
Industrial Grade: -40°C ~ +85°C

Order Information:

Operation Temp. 128GB 256GB
Standard Grade
(0°C ~ +70°C)
Industrial Grade
(-40°C ~ +85°C)


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